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I love it when legs touch.

*kiss*, alcohol, allotments, ani difranco, arab strap, architecture, argyll pattern, armstrongs, art, art nouveau, audrey hepburn, beautiful things, bed with my boy, being right, belle & sebastian, billy bragg, blondie, blue skies, blur, bombskare, bonfires, brahms cello sonatas, britpop, buildings, cafe florentine, cats, cello, cheese, cheese dreams, cider, coffee, colours, damien rice, damon albarn, daniel craig, dave matthews, drawing, drums, edinburgh, english, fiona apple, flowers, food, forest cafe, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, french, french films, glastonbury, goldfrapp, grass, green eyes, grey clothes, hats, high fidelity, historical noel fielding, house/cameron, hugh laurie, indie, joe cocker, jonathon rhys meyers, julian barrat, language, lily allen, lingerie, literature, love, marina sirtis, maroon, marvin gaye, milan kundera, minto house, mocking, morrissey, mr scruff, mr wilson, mundy, music, nina simone, old men, oscar wilde, pasta, patrick stewart, paul bettany, peanut butter, percussion, poetry, pre-raphaelite art, pretty men, pubs, purple, reading, red hair, red wine, regina spektor, rem, renaissance clothing, ron sexsmith, russia, sainsbury's, sarcasm, scarves, sex, sex with chris, star trek, straw hats, stripy clothes, strong coffee, students, sugardumpling, summer, sunshine, sylvia plath, the go! team, the guardian, the kooks, the mighty boosh, the observer, the smiths, the specials, touching legs, trees, trilbys, vintage clothing, wellingtons, wincing when he's daft, withnail and i, writing